Talkgroup Number: 3123
Timeslot: 2
Use: Maine Statewide

This talkgroup is the state talkgroup for Maine and has been added to NBDMR on timeslot 2 to facilitate cross-border communications at the local level. Some of the Maine repeaters cover vast parts of New Brunswick that wouldn't be covered otherwise, like W1LH which covers a huge portion of Charlotte County and conversely the Grand Falls repeater helps cover portions of northern Aroostook County. 3123 was added to NBDMR repeaters and 3029 added to Maine-DMR repeaters near the border in an effort so that users could access their home primary talkgroups, while home or mobile, on or from either side of the border.

A NB amateur traveling the Trans-Canada highway could access NB 3029 via KC1FRJ Presque Isle while traveling through the Perth-Andover area, or an amateur in Maine visiting Van Buren could still communicate on ME-SW 3123 via VE9ARZ in Grand Falls where there wouldn't otherwise be any coverage.

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