Talkgroup Number: 3
Timeslot: 1
Use: North America Calling

This channel is PTT activated on all NBDMR repeaters, its intention is to be used as a calling channel within North America. It is static on the majority of DMR-MARC repeaters in North America, however we made the decision to make it On Demand in New Bruswick. If you establish contact on Worldwide, as a general rule, try to keep QSO's less then 5 minutes because of the large number of repeaters possibly being tied up. If you establish contact with another user and wish to continue to talk to them for a while, that is great! but consider QSY'ing to a talkgroup like UA English 1 or 2, or TAC 310/311/312.

If a local users keys up and activates this talkgroup, it will automatically disconnect after 5 minutes of no local activity.

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