Talkgroup Number: 1
Timeslot: 1
Use: Worldwide Calling Channel

This channel is PTT activated on all NBDMR repeaters, its intention is to be used as a calling channel, Example, say your doing a demonstration and showing your friend the capabilities of the DMR system, and you would like to talk to someone in Australia, you could put a call out on Worldwide and see if anyone is listening. If you establish contact on Worldwide, as a general rule, try to keep QSO's less then 5 minutes because of the large number of repeaters possibly being tied up. If you reach someone in Australia and wish to continue to talk to them about the weather, that is great! but consider QSY'ing to a talkgroup like UA English 1 or 2, or TAC 310/311/312.

If a local users keys up and activates this talkgroup, it will automatically disconnect after 5 minutes of no local activity.

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