NBDMR Repeater Group - TG 3029 YSF 53710

About Us


CAN-TRBO is hosting DMR-MARC Canada Amateur repeater network and it is using a communication device called c-Bridge from Rayfield Communications. This device allows to route calls between different IPSC networks and/or remote c-Bridges.

CAN-TRBO has been operational since early 2013 and its goal is to provide connectivity for the Canadian MotoTRBO digital repeaters to the World wide DMR-MARC network. The connectivity is provided from the Montreal region using a very stable commercial fibre connection to one of Canada’s leading Internet providers.

On top of being connected to the DMR-MARC network in the US, it is hosting the Canada Wide talkgroup (302) and also several provincial wide talkgroups for Québec, Ontario and Alberta. It also interconnects with the BC-TRBO c-Bridge hosted by the New Westminster Amateur Radio Club.

It is also interconnected with the DMRX for “The Bridge” (3100) and TAC-310 talkgroups.

The CAN-TRBO was made possible initially by the financial support of Alain Reid (VA2SPB), Don Trynor (VA3XFT), Chris Gaylor (VE2BNI). Many others have generously contributed financially to the project.

The c-Bridge is being hosted by Alain Reid (VA2SPB) and operated by Nick Robinson (VE9MP)


You can help CAN-TRO by making a donation. This will help us make improvements and to cover the cost of hosting the C-Bridge and this site. It is certainly not required, but definately appreciated. 🙂