NBDMR Repeater Group - TG 3029 YSF 53710

IPSC2 Update 9.07.01

IPSC2-CAN-TRBO has been updated to the newest available binary, Version 9.07.01.

Aside from minor bug fixes and tweaks, the most noticeable change end-users will see is that TS1 talkgroups that arn’t set to static in your “Options=” line can now be PTT activated and routed to your device for 10 minutes.

Previously if you PTT activated a talkgroup that wasn’t specified as static in your options line, traffic would route out, but would only be routed back to your device for the duration of the short “Demand Timer” which by default 15 seconds.

An example of how this would work: say you put out your callsign on TG3 North America which is set as static on your hotspot and begin a QSO. You being the conscientious operator that you are realize you are tying up scores of repeaters across North America just to talk to one other station. Its suggested that you QSY to TAC-312. Great idea but you suddenly realize you don’t have that set in your options line and your not sure if it will work and it would take a few minutes to find a computer, log in, and add it.

Now you can simply PTT on the talkgroup and it will become active and route to you for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of no activity on the local RF side it will timeout and stop being routed. A timer indication will now show on the IPSC2 Dashboard indicating that it is active and how many minutes remain.

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