NBDMR Repeater Group - TG 3029 YSF 53710

Connecting your repeater

Connecting your repeater to the DMR-MARC Canada system is easy and painless. We support the following repeater types:

  • All Motorola Mototrbo XPR/SLR Models
  • Hytera DMR Repeaters
  • Homebrew MMDVM based repeaters

Motorola based repeaters can connect directly to the Can-Trbo cBridge, in most cased a static IP is not required, you simply need to enter the cBridge IP address, UDP port, and authentication key in the Link Establishment window. All talkgroup programming is done in the cBridge. Please contact a administrator for the authentication key and proper UDP port information. To help ensure the integrity of the network this can only be provided via email.

Contrary to public opinion, unlike the original days of DMR, our network now supports all Hytera and MMDVM/Homebrew repeaters via the IPSC2-CAN-TRBO server:
Although we are publishing this repeater connection information, please contact admin for any permanant connections so the time slots can be properly configured in the server.

Hytera (RD-98x, RD96x, RD62x)Homebrew MMDVM Protocol
Repeater type :Slave
Jitter Buffer Length : 3
Network Authentication Key :  80008000
Master IP : ipsc2.can-trbo.ca
Master UDP Port : 62005
IP Connect Networking UDP Port : 62005
P2P Firewall Open Timer : 6
IP Multi-site Service : On
IP Multi-site Service UDP Port : 62006
Remote RDAC : On
Remote RDAC UDP Port : 62007
Enable: 1
Address Hot-Spot: ipsc2.can-trbo.ca
Address Dongle: ipsc2.can-trbo.ca
Port Hot-Spot: 55555
Jitter: 300
Password: PASSW0RD
Slot1: 1
Slot2: 1
Debug: 0