NBDMR Repeater Group - TG 3029 YSF 53710


The NBDMR system is a component of the Can-Trbo c-Bridge, which hosts DMR-MARC Canada.

The Can-Trbo c-Bridge, a product of Rayfield Communications is hosted in a professional commercial grade telecom center by VA2SPD, is fed by a dedicated commercial fibre internet connection, and the site is equipped with a 24 KW backup generator, making it extremely reliable. We host many connections to other systems (DMR-MARC Worldwide servers, DMRX, Brandmeister, and other c-Bridge partners) The network topology is very structured and set up so there are very few single points of failure. Even if our repeaters lost connection to the c-Bridge, they still maintain their peer to peer mapping, making communications within the NBDMR repeaters still possible

What is a c-Bridge?

The C-Bridge in essence is part database manager, part master control hub; and part gateway. It is responsible for the assignment of what talk groups are available to a particular network; as well as the repeaters attached to that network. Think of it almost like a router for DMR talkgroups.