NBDMR Repeater Group - TG 3029 YSF 53710

VE9FTN Fredericton

Callsign: VE9FTN
Frequency: 147.165
Offset: + 0.6 KHz
Color Code: 1
Coverage Prediction

The original repeater at the VE9FTN site was a Motorola Micor, and was installed over 2 decades ago, and maintained by Ron Owen, VE1KO. In 2013 we installed one of the first DMR repeaters in Canada at the site.

The site, located at McLeod House on the UNB Campus, covers the greater Fredericton/Oromocto region extremely well, including excellent portable radio coverage in the downtown core. High speed internet access is generously provided by UNB, through a partnership with the UNB Amateur Radio Club. The repeater is a Motorola XPR8400, set to 25 watts output, feeding a Comprod 874F-70 2-Bay exposed dipole antenna.